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QWhen is the Admission Online System opening for 2021?
QHow long will the Admission Online System be open?
QHow do I apply?
QI have started to register my details, but I cannot go beyond the section of my ID?
QI have been trying to register but cannot go to the next step after entering the password
QI’m trying to reset a password but it does not respond
QI’m trying to register, but the location / address is not correct


QWhich Grades should I apply for on the Admissions Online System?
QWill my child be guaranteed a space at a school if I was the first person to apply to the school?
QDo I have to apply for Grade 1 for my child that is currently in Grade R in a public school?
QHow do I apply for my child who is going to Grade 2 - 7 or Grade 9 - 12?
QI would like my child to repeat Grade 1 / Grade 8. Do I apply online?
QAre Non-South African Citizens allowed to apply for their children to go to a school for Grade 1 / Grade 8?
QI cannot find my work address on the System. What do I do?
QCan I apply for other my neighbour’s child or my sister’s / brother’s child
QHow many schools can I apply to for one child?
QIs it possible to remove one of the schools I applied to?
QCan I apply for more than one child?
QWhat Application Options are available for applicants to choose from?

Addresses and Feeder Zones

QWhat is a school feeder zone?
QHow do I know which feeder zone covers my home address?
QHow can I make sure that my child is accepted at a school close to my home address?
QI want to apply but do not see the schools in my area as options.
QWill parents from different households be able to apply for the same learner?
QHow do I know that my Application is complete?
QI cannot open the send page
QCan I use the GDE Admissions Online System to apply to schools in other provinces?
QWill GDE issue admission user manuals to schools and parents?
QHow old should my child be to be admitted to Grade 1 in 2021?
QWill I be able to apply to Grade 1 for my child that is older that six?
QCan a parent still apply to a school if the school is full or reach their capacity?
QCan I make ONE application to apply for my twins simultaneously to make sure they go to the same school
QIs my child automatically placed at the school/s that I applied to?
QWhat will happen if I do not accept any offer within 7 days?
QWhat will happen if the school/s I applied for do not have available space?
QHow will queues be managed at Decentralised venues/walk in centres during COVID-19?
QWhat time will Admissions Walk-In Centres open and close?

Logging in After My Application

QHow do I log-in to the System to view my application later?
QI cannot log into the system. Please assist
QI cannot log in, it says wrong password even if I use the correct one
QWhat happens if I forget my username and password?
QI cannot login with my Username and Password. Reset password is not sending the OTP to reset. How do I log in?


QWhat documents to I need to submit to a school or upload after I made an application?
QIf parents are awaiting IDs or Birth certificates from Home Affairs-What will parents be allowed to upload?
QWhat options do I have to submit documents to schools?
QIs submitting documents both in the System and school a must?
QCan I upload all my documents as ONE PDF Document?
QDo I have to certify the documents before submission?
QHow do I know my documents were successfully uploaded?
QHow do I know the school has received my documents?
QHow long does verification of documents take and will I be informed if there are issues regarding documents
QHow do I know that verification of my documents was done?
QWill parents receive a sms after they have uploaded their documents?
QWill applicants be allowed to upload documents at Walk-in centres?
QThe documents I uploaded yesterday have a clock, what is the reason for that?

Schools with Boarding Facilities

QHow do I apply for my child to be accommodated in a school’s boarding facility (hostel)?

Combined Schools

QCombined schools - will parents be allowed to apply for grade 1 and grade 8. What is the process?

Language of Teaching and Learning

QWhat if the school closest to my home address only offer a Language that my child is not doing?
QParents received usernames with email addresses. Should it not be ID number?
QWhat is an acceptable proof of residence if parent don’t have municipal account or lease agreement?
QI have changed or lost my cell phone. I now have a new cell phone number. How can I update it on the system?
QIf report cards were not received from school, what do parents upload or submit?
QThe System registered an incorrect address can it be amended?
QHow do I change the address on the application?
How do I fix the address on the application?
Can I update my address?

Edit / Change Details
(from 13 July 2020)

QWhat information will I be able to edit on my profile?
QHow can I edit my cell phone number if I cannot login?
QI need to restart my application. Is it possible?
QI need help with updating my profile, I tried but it does not work.
QI used learner ID number to register parent information and parent ID number to register learner details? Will I be able to edit this? What is the timeframe to correct this?
QMy information is not correct, what do I do?
QUnder undocumented the parent spelt the full names/surnames incorrectly. Will this be amended at a later stage? What is the impact on the application?
QHow do I remove learners from Parent Profile my profile
QWhat happens when an application was made for Grade 1 instead of the intended Grade 8 or vice versa?
QApplication has been submitted with the wrong details (Parent ID, learner ID, physical address etc). Parents requesting the submitted application to be deleted?
QApplication has been submitted with the wrong selection of schools?
QPlease help on how to edit my information in the system I don't how but I need to change the address and also birth information for my child.
QHow can I go back to edit the address so that the feeder schools can appear?
QI want to change my details how do I do it?
QI mistakenly entered my work address incorrectly, can you rectify from your side?
QI’m struggling to correct my documents that I have already uploaded on the System. How do I do without going to the school directly?
QWill I be able to edit my ID Number?

Home Schooling

QI want to register my child for Home schooling. How do I do that?

Placement Period

QHow long will it take to get a response on the progress of my application?
QWhen will Parents receive notification of successful /unsuccessful applications?
QHow many days does an applicant have to respond to an offer of placement
QMust a parent accept the first offer from a school?
QCan the applicant delete a confirmed offer of placement in one school to accept another offer in another school?
QWill applicants who have applied and submitted only some documents or have not submitted any documents at school be allowed to submit?
QWhat can the parent do if the school requested additional documents upfront from parents like registration fee, payslip / proof of employment, etc before processing the application?
QWhat will happen if my application is unsuccessful at all the schools I have applied to?
QWhat will happen if the schools that I have applied for are full?
QDoes the Online Application guarantee placement of the child at a school?
QWill I be informed if the school does not take my child?
QI cannot find the current school, it is not on the list
QCan online applications of parents from other provinces who are applying in Gauteng be processed?
Q I have relocated to another area before placement. How do I get placement based on my new address?
QWhat can the applicant do if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the application at a School?
QWhat can the applicant do if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the Objection?
Q What can the applicant do if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the Appeal
QWhat documents are required to lodge an Appeal

Late Applications

QWhen are, the Late Applications opening?
QIs there another way to apply other than online?